Your Friendly Neighborhood Tech Guy

Welcome! I am a Chicago based consultant providing tech services for a variety of needs. I can help you set up your Windows/PC or Mac computer; all in one or dedicated printer; mp3 player; Palm, Blackberry, Apple or Android smartphone; router/network; or HDTV home theater system, troubleshoot once they're installed and in many cases, offer repair services. More importantly, before you purchase these items, I offer consultation to ensure you find the gadget which most suits your needs, and find it for a reasonable price. I am able to assist you in your search from the research and pricing stage, then I can accompany you to the electronics store to make sure you find what you want, for the price you want and you don't get upsold on useless optimization services, overpriced cables or extended warranties. I do my best to help make sure you save money on nearly any gadget on the market. I would like to stay with you throughout your entire ownership experience, assisting you as your friendly neighborhood tech guy.

I strive to make sure I explain everything I do with respect in a non-techie way, and try to share my joy with all things electronics and gadget related.